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Do you know about the importance of Article Writing at Present Time in This World? Or can you imagine the module of search engine optimization without posting required articles for your website? Are articles mandatory for ranking on Google?

These are the major queries of the people and that’s why, As a Freelancer, it is my responsibility to clear all doubts of companies and individuals regarding the concept of Article Writing.

What is Article Writing?

To create online stuff related to your products and services, you have required to post the information regarding your business in the form of different topics or concepts. When we frame these topics and concepts in the different cubes on company website or third-party website then this is known as the article writing.

Why Article Writing is Important?

Best Article Writing Services in Delhi By Shweta Sharma

Every business website wants to generate revenue with the lead generation program and this will possible for them when they apply the special content marketing tips and techniques. Therefore, the article posting for the website is a great idea to attract audiences or visitors towards your website. Article writing is important just because of the ranking factor and traffic goals.

Nowadays, Google is strictly improving the search results for people in terms of good quality marketing work. Therefore, the website that had already provide the required stuff of content (in the form of article posting) to the readers is always getting the attention of Google for higher ranking.

Minimum Words Count for Article Writing:

When it comes to knowing about the minimum words count for article writing then we can say that it should not be less than 400 words if you want to attract visitors and audience on your website. In the maximum words count for article writing you can consider 2000 to 2500 words.

Ideal Number of Articles Posting for One Website:

If you want to post the articles on your website and thinking to know about the ideal number of articles posting on your website then I just want to tell you that you should post at least 6 articles in a month for a website. According to my experience (as a freelancer), this will give immense effect to your website in terms of higher ranking and traffic.

Hire Me for Article Writing Services in Delhi:

Best Content Writing Services in Delhi

I am not perfect but still helpful for you to improve the ranking of your website with my amazing articles. I have not only the experience of one or two industries in content marketing and strategies but have experience of more than 50+ Industries.

Article Writing PPW:

Article Writing PPW or Price Per Word is also the other important factor for all those companies who want to hire freelance content writer for their projects. Therefore, here I also mention my article writing PPW. My PPW for Article Writing is 0.90. That Means You Have Need to Pay 900 Indian Rupees for 1000 Words. I know, this is quite affordable for the clients and the startups who want to hire freelance content writer for article writing at affordable pricing. Don’t go so cheap alternatives if you really want to maintain the quality of content.