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As a freelancer, I always recommend to my clients for the regular blog posting on the website. What is blog writing and how does it work? When I start writing on this service for my website, I was thinking I should take the help of Google to find more relevant results regarding this topic and then rewrite the things in my language.


I drop this idea and start writing on this topic without the help of other website resources. I just want to write which I know about the blog writing nothing else. Therefore, let’s start the comprehensive conversion on the Blog Writing Services in Delhi

Why I Am Mentioning Particular Name of Delhi?

What is the Bull Shit?

I am a Keyword Holic Person. Hahahaha, this is quite funny for you but I invent this word. I always try to avoid the addition of keywords in my content, but still, I add some important keywords in the balanced quantity (Never do Stuffing).

Hence, come on the topic. Keyword Holic Means, I love to research new keywords and also love to do practical with the keywords in the content. I am a Freelance Blog Writer from Delhi and want to target this city for the ranking in Google and that’s why mentioning the city name in the first 150 words.

Is it cool or no?

Why am I mentioning the keyword in 150 words being too much important?

The time has gone when digital marketing experts add the keyword in the first line of the content (also do spam) and get ranking on the first page. Now Google Guidelines are strict and you will never get the top ranking with the keyword stuffing.

I add the keyword in the second paragraph but with the content flow. Without any delay, let’s start our topic which is Blog Content Writing.

When we write on a particular topic with deep information and based on the user’s query then it is known as Blog Writing. The blog Industry is now popular in all industries.

What Blogs Do?

Blogs are mainly providing the information of a particular topic, key phrase, product or service to the readers of your industry.

Why Blogs are important for a Website?

  • To Generate Organic Traffic on the Website
  • Improving Ranking on Google
  • Provide Information to your Clients

Role of Keywords in Blog Writing:

Keywords are also important while writing a blog. There is also an important thing which you should know is keyword density should not exceed more than 2%. Just add only 2 to 3 Keywords in one Blog of 700 to 800 Words because the maximum number of keywords reduces the readability of the readers.

How Can I Help You for Blog Writing?

Just drop me an email regarding your Blog Requirement and I help you to manage the regular blog posting for your website. I also recommend some worthy topics according to your industry for your website. Blog Writing Services in India is now getting immense demand just because of the worthy results in the ranking and traffic for the websites.