Evaluation of Article Writing PPW For Experienced & Beginners

March 11, 2020

When someone asked me for my charges regarding article writing I can’t answer at once. Do you know why? As a writer, you should know how to decide of article writing PPW (both experienced & Beginners Freelance Writer). PPW is known as Price per Word. Well, article content writing has different kinds of nature and as a freelance content writer, I always ask some questions from clients. These are:

  • What is Your Industry?
  • Article Format- Informative or Promotional
  • Words Count
  • SEO Oriented or General Content
  • That Sit

These are some major questions that are asked by my clients. The main thing understands the client’s requirements. For example, if I am an expert in the client industry then what should I do? I charge higher PPW or Lower?

Decide Price Per Word For Article Writing According to Your Expertise Industry:

Every writer has its expertise industry for writing. Some are experts in technical writing or some can write on general topics like beauty, health, and news. As a Writer, I always charge affordable cost on those industries in which I hold vital experience. On the other hand, the industries in which I required to search a lot and give much time for research, I charge a higher cost. Maybe you are thinking that what I am talking about? This is true because according to my Evaluation of Article Writing PPW for Experienced & Beginners is only depending on the expertise industry of the writer. However, there is quite a difference between beginners and experienced writers.

What is My PPW Article Writing Services?

I Charged 0.90 PPW For Article Writing Services in India from my clients. I know some are thinking that it is too high or some are thinking that it is too low. Everyone has its view. Therefore, this is all about understanding how to decide Article Writing PPW. I hope, you like this article and information.