Freelance Content Writing Guide 2020 For Every Beginner

February 24, 2020

Freelance is not just a key phrase but a work which does not base on stable work, stable income and stable working hours. Here I am (Blogger from Delhi) Introducing the complete Freelance Content Writing Guide 2020 For Beginners. Maybe this guide is helpful for you to understand the different aspects of Freelance Content Writing just because of my Vital Experience in this Industry.

Or, I can also say that freelancing is also like uncertainty.

How to convert this uncertainty into certainty?

This may quite difficult for you not impossible because of some special techniques and methods. The approaches which you used are mainly based on your experience because every person push their efforts to fulfill clients requirement according to expertise nature. The question is freelancing uncertainty?

No need to take panic about the future of your career if you are thinking to start freelancing and worry about the uncertainty.

Uncertainty = Ups and Downs in Income

This is the phase of every freelancer’s life but those are easily beat this phase who systematically planned the strategy. As a freelancer, I also not want to depend on my clients (for earning money) and I also want to start my websites and personal blog portals. Therefore, you may understand the answer to get rid of uncertainty in the freelancing income. You should also start something (income generate task) while doing freelancing. This will help you to avoid all future risks. However, the good freelancers have always the bulk work and they never face this phase.

What is the Exact Meaning of Freelance Content Writing?

When you are working from the home on the different companies and individuals content writing works then it is known as the Freelance Content Writing. Mostly Freelancers quit their 9 to 5 jobs to earn extra and establish a remarkable brand in this industry.

Freelancing Industry Facts That You Must Know:

  • Freelancing is Not Just in Content Writing but in the different operations like Graphic Designing, Web Development
  • That means we can say that Every IT Skill and Non-IT Skills are now popular on the Freelance just because of the cost-effective and on-time project deliver factors
  • Freelancing gives you Work From Home Opportunity
  • Freelancing is not limited to the boundaries of the country, and now Freelancers are also working for foreign clients.

How to Start Freelancing Content Writing (If you have Zero Experience)

This may quite difficult for you but not impossible. As we know, clients can’t trust on the work of fresher. Therefore, you need to apply some smart tricks and techniques for this. What are these?

  • Make Your Social Media Accounts First Like; Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and Many More.
  • Now Also Create Some Account on the Freelancing Portals Like Upwork, People Per Hour, etc.
  • In the Description of your Profile add some eye-catchy words to attract clients like Affordable Content Writing With Unique Quality
  • Also Build Your Blog on Free Blogging and Content Publishing Websites like Medium, Blogger or Tumblr to Showcase your work to clients through which they can trust you.

Why Linkedin is Ideal Portal for Generation Genuine Freelance Clients:

As a Freelance Content Writer, I never generate leads from the other portals of social media because Linkedin is enough for me. This is one of the best portals for Freelancers who are seeking great opportunities. Currently, I have 7K+ Followers within 6 Months and increasing every day.Linkedin Gives me 10 to 15 Genuine clients and that’s why I just want to say thanks to this amazing portal.