How Can You Create Interesting Content With the Use of Headings in Blog

March 30, 2020
Right Use of Headings in Blog

Headings are the most vital aspect of any content. Can you imagine the complete portrait of your blog without headings? If you imagine then you are the most stupid writer of the world (and even don’t know about the audience influencing content techniques of the modern world). So, here I am going to start to tell you how you can create amusing content with the use of headings in your blog. (Why I am mentioning blog here?) Generally, bloggers are lengthy rather than articles and you have required adding some headings in your content to make it more eye-catchy and interesting.

#1. Every Type of Blog Required Headings:

No matter you are writing an Informative or Marketing Blog? When you want to become efficient in content writing then you should add headings to make your blog attractive and interesting to read. If someone tells you this type of blog not required headings then shut their mouth and just focus on the right techniques of blogging.

#2. Start Adding Headings After 150 to 200 Words Always:

Every content writer and blogger needs to add the headings or subheads after the 150 to 200 words of content. (However, if you can add earlier then it is also good). From last year trends, we also see mostly blogs ranked on Google that have a good structure of writing with the proper use of headings.

#3. Always Include At Least Three Phased of Headings Like H1, H2, and H3:

Use of Only H1 and H2 is not sufficient to rank your blog. You have also required to add more points regarding the H1 and H2 By Creating H3 and H4 in your Blog. However, the use of up to H3 Is enough in a blog to make it simpler.

Why Headings Are Important for Content?

  • Heading are important because they classified your content into the different phases
  • Readers can easily understand the meaning of Blog
  • The blog will become more fruitful and interesting to read
  • It also helps to increase the Readability Score of Your Content


Therefore, this is a short session regarding headings. I will also post more content in the future regarding the use of headings in content with the different ways to help all content writers who are a beginner in this field and want to create a robust career with advanced skills of writing. All these things help you to increase your Freelance Content Writing skills.