IGNOU Result Guide For Students to Calculate Percentage By Ex IGNOU Student

February 29, 2020

Why I am Discussing With You For This Topic?

Hey Friends! Do you have a curiosity in your mind about your IGNOU Result for the last session? Students, who are new in the system, sometime can’t understand the IGNOU Result. I am also a Post Graduate (Masters of Commerce from IGNOU) and now working as a blogger. When I Started My Website the First thing came in my mind regarding the blog section of my website is the information of IGNOU.

When I appear the first time, in IGNOU Term End Examination and Got my Result in Feb I was stuck. Do you know why? Well, when I was seeing my Mark Sheet Online, I can’t understand the marks system of IGNOU. It looked so much complicated and I can’t understand I was passing or fail in the examination. This is the reason, that here I am posting this blog post for all those beginners who are looking for the IGNOU Result Guide.

Fundamental Facts About IGNOU Examination:

IGNOU is One of the Most Largest Universities of India for Open Learning

The Fee Structure of IGNOU is Affordable and Quality of Education is also good

With the 67 Regional Centers across the Country, IGNOU has the group of 4 Million Student

IGNOU gives the flexibility of education to students (I Mean IGNOU Never Asked for Your Percentage, Your Age for Providing In Many Bachelors and Master Degree Programs)

A student who scored 33% in the 12th Examination can also start higher education at this university, which is a great thing for the students.

Two Sessions of IGNOU Examination:

First is December Session for Admission

Second is June Session for Admission

IGNOU Grade Card System:

TEE Marks + Assignment Marks

IGNOU Assignment Importance:

Both are Individual with each other you and you have to clear both the exam (TEE and Assignments) to complete your degree. If you do not submit your assignment then you will not eligible for getting the degree and the university treats you a fail student.

What is the Weightage of Assignment in IGNOU?

30% Weightage

Now Take a look at How to Calculate Assignment Marks in IGNOU!

When you see your mark sheet or graded online then the assignment marks may shown from 100. Now you are thinking about how to calculate these marks. Well, you need to take a look at an example.

If you got 80 marks in the project of your particular course then how these marks will add in your total marks? You can simply multiple 80 with 30 and then divide from 100. Here you will get the answer. Your marks are 20 that mean you will get 24 marks extra from the IGNOU Assignment with your Term End Examination Marks.

80 X 30/100 = 24 (This is Your Assignment Marks out of 20) 

What is IGNOU Assignment Passing Marks?

You need to score 50% to clear the assignment. If you got less than 50% then you will be required to submit the assignment again.

How to Calculate IGNOU Term End Examination Marks for Final Marks?

Here is also another big question behind us. After completing the concerned assignment here we have come with the other major component of the IGNOU Examination System which is the TEE. Remember one thing that some bachelor courses examinations

IGNOU Pass Percentage for Bachelor Degree Courses: 35%

IGNOU Pass Percentage for Master Degree Courses: 40%

Here I will give you an example!

 You are a student of a bachelor’s degree like BA or BCOM. You give the examination of History and got 18 Marks Out of 50. Are you pass or not? As we know the pass percentage for BA is 35%. Therefore, you need to score only 17.5 But you got 18. That means you are pass dud.

On the other hand, if you are a student of Master’s Degree and you score 40 Marks out of 100 then you are passed the examination. That means you need to score at least 40 marks out of 100 in IGNOU for Master Degree Program.

Here I AM Telling You How to Calculate Passing Marks in IGNOU?

The students who are seeking the answer of How to Calculate Total Marks in IGNOU are in the right place because as an Ex-Students of this university I know about the facts deeply about IGNOU Result Updates.

  • You need to clear both TEE and Assignment Specifically to clear IGNOU Examination.
  • For example, if you’re cleared the TEE but not getting good marks in the Assignment then you are treating as a fail student.
  • If you are thinking that Your Assignment Marks give you a safe side if you missed the TEE by two or three marks then you are wrong. You need to sit again TEE if not scored the required percentage.
  • You can also find options for IGNOU Percentage Calculate on the Internet to check your passing percentage.

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