Attention All Delhihites! Metro Services Stopped From 23-31 March to Covid-19

March 22, 2020

Image Source: DMRC Twitter Account

The government is now more attentive to fight against Corona Virus. After the Janta Curfew (22 March), Delhi Metro Services will also shut-down from 23rd March to 31st March. The decision has been taking to reduce the public gathering on the public places. According to the DMRC Latest Tweet, “Metro Service Will Remain Completely Closed Till 31st March 2020”. You can’t travel in Delhi Metro till 31st March.

Why DMRC Take This Step:

  • To control the spread of Corona Virus and Controlling Social Distance (main aim to encourage people to stay at home) DMRC take this decision. Here is the latest update on Delhi Metro Update.
  • Before this tweet, DMRC was announces to shut down services for some hours but now the lock down is taking place for around 8 to  9 days.

Old News of Delhi Metro Services Regarding 23rd March:

  • DMRC Services are open for only 6 hours a day on 23rd March 2020.
  • The First Phase of Opening Services is 8 AM to 10 AM (For Common People)
  • The Second Phase of Opening Services is 4 PM to 8 PM (For Common People)
  • From 6 AM to 8 AM Trains will run only for those people who are engaged in important services like Police, Airline, Hospitals, Electricity, and Banking.
  • To break the effect of CoronaVirus the decision is taking place.

As we know, millions of people travel from Delhi Metro every day. Mostly MNCs and IT Companies had already provided work from home to employees due to the fear of Corona Virus. But there are still some people who are traveling through buses and metros after the instruction and advisory of government. Education Institutions like colleges and schools had already shut-down. Mostly events and exams canceled from the authority. If you are a commuter of Delhi Metro and still going to you 9 to 5 jobs through Delhi Metro then this news is important for you. According to the recent updates commuters can’t avail of the regular services of DMRC on 23 March 2020.

Let’s see for the upcoming day’s services update from Delhi Metro. Don’t be bother and don’t go outside until you don’t need to support for a fight from CoronaVirus.