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Website Content Writing Services by Shweta Sharma Freelance Content Writer

Make Your Website More Eye-Catchy & Informative to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Website Content is not just a simple task for any content writer and blogger. It required lots of research and hard-work for any particular project. Therefore, the immense popularity of Freelance Website Content Writing Services is gaining popularity nowadays because of many vital reasons. As a blogger from Delhi, I always try to push the new achievements for my client’s website with my robust content strategy. Content is not about writing only but it is all about research, keyword volume idea and solving the user’s queries through your website.

Major Components of Website Content Task:

Every writer works with a different approach. Here is am describing my approach or how I start writing of any particular industry website content writing of my clients.

#1. Research: A Vital Task

Research is the most important aspect for me. Without research on a particular industry or topic, I never start writing. Therefore, whenever I received the project of website content the first thing which I do is start researching the industry. In this process, I look at some important factors like:

  1. What is the Present Content Quality of Website ( If Available)
  2. What are the Top Performing Keywords of the industry
  3. Learn the Concepts of Products or Services of Clients
  4. Read Many Different Website Contents on the Internet to Understand Industry Requirement

#2. Competitor Website Analysis:

The second thing which I do is the analysis of the competitor website. This is the task which I done before writing. Many times, I also asked for the competitor website links from the client to examine their writing modules. (Note: I never copy their ideas or content but want to generate the real-time trends of the present market)

#3. Keyword Research for Every Single Page:

When Freelance Content Writers received any project of Website Content Writing then the crucial part of the whole project is keyword research. Content is always incomplete if the keyword research is not done perfectly by the writer. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every writer to do lots of keyword research before start writing on web content.

Tool Which I Used for Keyword Research:

Generally, I used Keyword Planner from Google to Research Keywords for Writing Content. I also used Google Trends for Comparing the Density and Volume of Keywords.

#4. Prepare The List of Services and Excel Sheet of Keywords:

To get the estimated time for providing the complete project, I build the sheet on which I add the services name of the client website and the word count as well. My second sheet is related to the keywords. In the keyword sheet, I classified the High, Medium and Low-Density Keywords for adding in the different pages. With this step, I can easily start writing because I know what keywords will be added to the content when writing.

#5. Last But Not The Least Proofreading:

Proofreading is one of the most important partners in the content writing of website content. Once the content completed I checked and read all contents to ensure the quality of content. If I found any section is incomplete or needs more clarification on a specific topic then I add more content in the page.

Why Choose My As a Website Freelance Content Writer For Your Project?

With the Experience of 4 Years in the Different Industries Project, I can write SEO Optimized Freelance Website Content for Your Business. My name is Shweta and I am a Freelance Content Writer from Delhi. You can drop me an email on my email address to get a call back for your requirements.