My Keyword Strategy to Write an SEO Optimized Blog

As a content writer, the most challenging challenge behind me while writing an SEO-optimized blog is “Keyword Research Strategy.” Do you also think this task is the too hectic based task? Many of them answer yes because this task consumes extra time than writing content.

That means I spend less time writing content than I spend on keyword research. It is not a joke, but it’s true because I do this to deliver high-quality seo optimized content for my clients. 

1). Initially, I Use Keyword Planner by Google:

At the beginning of my career, I depended on one keyword research tool, Keyword Planner. It is one of the fantastic tools for beginners of content writing who do not understand technical keyword research tools and looking for easy-to-understand keyword optimization tools. 

Click Here to Use Keyword Planner

How does it Work?

1). You need to sign in with your Gmail Account to create a new keyword planner account.

2). Click on the given link

3). Select the tab of “Go to Keyword Planner” In Blue Color 

4). Select “Discover New Keywords.”

2). Google Auto Search:

Do you know about Google Auto-Search? Many content writers skip this approach of keyword planning, and it is the most iconic way to reach customer queries. When you want more traffic on your blog, you must use the Google auto search keyword method.

How does it work? 

1). Open in the private window of your browser to avoid history and cookies in the result.

2). Now, type the first two or three phrases of your blog topic in Google

3). Now, Google will automatically show the relevant questions and keywords related to your topic that people are looking at on the search engine.

4). It is a free method for keyword research, and most importantly, it gives real-time user query information.

3). Finding question-answers or wanting to make FAQs in Blog means you should try this method at once by using different-different phrases.

3). Google Trends:

Maybe you are thinking that I am talking about only Google tools? It is the third method of keyword strategy to write a seo optimized blog but believe me, when you try these approaches, you can also find some effective results for your keyword planning. Google Trends is also online free keyword research and keyword comparison tool. 

How does it work?

1). It works on the real-time basis

2). It helps you to compare two different keywords volume for a particular time

3). Google Trends also provides information on keyword volume according to demographic location. 

Click Here to Use Google Trends

4). AHREFs:

Now let’s talk about the king of tools for keyword research. As an expert and experienced writer, I never skip the keyword research on AHREFs. It is a paid tool and provides practical keyword research ideas for seo optimized blogs in less time. One of the primary reasons to use AHREFs for my keyword strategy is to save time and give extensive keywords in one click with questions.

How does it work?

1). Best thing in the AHREFs keyword research tool is the easy to use tool

2). As a non-technical person, you can easily use this tool 

3). Writers can also change the country name in the filters to get exact volume ideas on a particular keyword. 

Click Here to Use AFREFs:


Semrush is a software company based in Boston, and Semrush Keyword Research Tool is also one of the practical tools. Most the content marketers trust this tool because of real-time dynamic results. 

Click Here to Use SEMRUSH

Bottom Line:

Hence, it’s my keyword research while writing seo optimized blogWhat is yours? Do you believe this strategy is an appropriate approach for a content writer? Everyone has different ways and methods for keyword research. Competitors’ links (which are in the top ranking of the search engine) optimized is also crucial in the checklist of keyword research. 

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